Newkirk 4-H Club Summer 2019

Honors Campaign – Community

The northern Oklahoma town of Newkirk is likely one of the most patriotic communities in the nation, at least based upon the activities of a number of the residents there. An example of one such activity is participation by a group of young 4-H Club members in what is known as an Honors Campaign.

“I am really excited about this project,” noted Karen Dye, a local historian and key mover and shaker for the effort. “I think it is important to connect our students with men and women who protected our country. It is quite possible they may each have a relative that served in this capacity. When we did a presentation on the land run, we found that to be the case!”

The Newkirk effort eventually touched close to 60 local veterans for which the youth involved were recognized on an Oklahoma City TV program, which can be viewed through this link.

Each month on Oklahoma City Fox 25’s Living Oklahoma show, local teens making a difference in their communities are honored. The show is called “A Noble Cause.” The October 2019 month’s winner was the Newkirk Go-Getters 4-H Club for their pilot Honors Campaign! Watch the video to see the impact these Newkirk youngsters are making through 4H.


The Newkirk 4-H Club Summer 2019 Honors Campaign includes following veterans’ stories.

Walter, Vietnam War, US Army Helicopter Pilot

Leroy Albers, US Army

Nevin Balzer, US Army

Garry Bilger, USMC

Charlie Blair, US Army

Champ Cain, US Army

Vince Cain, US Navy

Frank Cain, US Army

Jimmy Carver, US Army

Bob Coffee, US Army

Charlie Cravens, US Army

Ronald Dutton, US Navy

Joshua Feinburg, US Army

Ike Glass, US Navy

Mark Golden, US Army

Duane Gray, US Army

Dennis R. Gurnee, US Air Force

Sandra Gurnee, Spouse

Alex Hartley, US Army

Kerry Heime, US Navy

Brian Hobbs, US Army

John Hobbs, US Army

Ken Horinek, US Air Force

Ron Kahle, US Army

Jay Kirkendall, US Air Force

Jeff Koenke, US Army

Mike Landis, USMC

Robert Landis, US Air Force

Milton Lesemann, US Army

Lee Leyva, US Army

Charles Luis, US Navy

Jack McCarty, US Army

Doug McCombs, US Navy

Dan Oulette, US Navy

Linda Palmberg, US Army

Randy Palmberg, US Army

Carrol Frank Randol, US Army

Rusty Randol, US Army

Thomas Rigdon, US Army

Bob Rodgers, US Army

Roy Rogers, US Merchant Marines

Clinton Scott, US Army

Douglas Scott, US Navy

Justin Shinn, US Air Force

Arlyn Siedel, US Army

Steve Smith, US Navy

Kim Spore, US Army

Walter Lee Stout, US Navy

Don Thompson, US Air Force

Justin Trenary, US Army

Eliot Tucker, US Army

Kenneth Vickery, US Army

Ralph Vickery, US Navy

Tim Walker, US Coast Guard

Justin Williamson, USMC

Jason Wimer, US Army

Dwight Winburn, US Army