Honors Campaigns Launched in 2019

This site has been established to help you in the process of organizing and conducting an Honors Campaign for military veterans in your Oklahoma community. Established by the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame (OKMHF) to help honor our state’s veterans and better educate young Oklahoman’s about military service, the first Honors Campaigns are to be completed during 2019. The effort has been organized through the Honors Campaign Standing Committee of the OKMHF Board of Directors in hopes of offering recognition for their service to much larger numbers of veterans than the approximately 200 honored since 1999 through induction into the Hall of Fame.

Go to Note: New 4-H Club Campaign Just Launched

Oklahoma 4-H Club leaders, shown here with OKMHF Past President Douglas Dollar, attended this years Induction Ceremonies in Norman. Plans are underway to incorporate the Honors Campaign Program into the State’s 4-H offerings.

Recognition of veterans through the Honors Campaign effort provides a series of options for honoring your community’s service members, up to and including induction into the OKMHF. At the same time, participation in an Honors Campaign offers special recognition to the youth who envision and execute a campaign.

After reviewing this site, you may refer your questions through email to the address contact@OKHonorsCampaigns.org, or by writing the Honors Campaign Standing Committee, PO Box 876, Stillwater, OK 74076. Ultimately, by submitting an application to the Standing Committee, approved Campaigns will be assigned an OKMHF Ambassador to help coordinate your efforts.

As part of the Honors Campaign effort, the OKMHF arranges for inductees and other veterans to visit with students in classrooms and other venues.

Your interest in helping to thank Oklahoma veterans for their service is greatly appreciated. The OKMHF Board of Directors thanks you in advance for this, and reminds you of our motto: “Spirit of a Warrior, Heart of a Patriot!”


This site has been established by the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame. Visit our primary site at www.okmhf.org.