The Campaigns

Honors Campaigns are special community-based efforts to recognize local military veterans that are organized and managed by middle- and high-school students. Supported by the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame through its Ambassador program, an individual student, or a group such as a classroom, a 4-H or similar club, plans and carries the campaign through to its completion. A campaign may range from a single student interviewing a veteran, perhaps a family member, to a special recognition ceremony for veterans complete with book-length publications and internet sites. Awards and other recognition are presented to students for their work.

The following are Honors Campaigns that have been launched since the inception of the program.

Newkirk 4-H Club Summer 2019

Stillwater 4-H Club Fall 2019

Booker T. Washington High School Junior ROTC, Tulsa

Memorial High School Junior ROTC, Tulsa