Recognition of Students through an Honors Campaign

Planning and carrying out an Honors Campaign may involve a significant amount of work and dedication, and appropriately students will be recognized according to their efforts.

The OKMHF will recognize students participating in Honors Campaigns through a variety of methods as shown below. Local communities will be encouraged to offer additional recognition as appropriate. See Appendix I for a nomination form.

  • Honors Campaign Certificates: All participants will be presented with a Campaign certificate that includes the student’s name, the Campaign with dates, and the role played by the certificate recipient.
  • Recognition at Honors Trips: Students participating in Campaigns will receive special recognition during Honors Trips involving their veterans.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Students who provide leadership or other special talents to a Campaign may request a letter of recommendation from the OKMHF Honors Campaign Standing Committee.
  • Consult with Hero Coupons: An idea borrowed from another youth-oriented organization, this coupon is awarded to exceptionally involved students. The coupon may be cashed in for a meeting with an available OKMHF inductee, such as a Medal of Honor recipient, or a fighter ace, a Native American code talker, or a … well the possibilities go on and on. Opportunities for a “Consultation with a Hero” may arise at any OKMHF event to include Honors Trips, so students who are awarded a coupon are encouraged to bring them to all such events.
  • Recognition at OKMHF Induction Ceremonies: Key leaders of Honors Campaigns may be recognized at OKMHF induction ceremonies during the year of the Campaign. Campaign supporting Ambassadors are responsible for notifying the OKMHF Honors Campaign Standing Committee when a key student leader plans to be present at an induction ceremony.
  • Junior OKMHF Ambassador Designation: Students who wish to remain active in recognizing veterans in their community and the state may be inducted as Junior OKMHF Ambassadors. Special training and materials will be provided to these students as they work with their local OKMHF Ambassador.