Help and Guidelines for Participating Students

To participate in the Film Competition, complete and save this OVFC – 2023 Registration Form; then submit to [email protected]

Participating students should download the following OVFC documents:

To help students prepare for veteran interviews, the following aids are offered:

  • For short videos about tips on interviewing veterans, go here.
  • Students are encouraged to download this brief guide to help in better understanding military service: Veteran Service
  • Here are some tips for interviewing veterans: TIPS FOR INTERVIEWING VETERANS
  • A brief guide for conducting veteran interviews may be downloaded here: OVFC-Campaigns-Interview-Questions
  • A more extensive list of possible interview questions may be found on this site by clicking here.
  • Students and teachers seeking contact information for veterans to interview and Oklahoma veterans organizations should go here.
  • Here a link to the Film Competition promotional film you may copy to send to others: OVFC Promo 2021_1080p on Vimeo